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Who is Matt Feltz?

I first became aware of synthetic biology while at Duke in 2006, when I worked on the projects that were presented that fall at iGEM (the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition at MIT). Our team’s work was collected for an article in the journal IET Synthetic Biology (Reza, F., et al. “Engineering Novel Biological Systems,” June 2007). I finished my undergraduate program in May 2010 at the Harvard Extension School, majoring in biology.

I was a regular correspondent for Bostonist from 2008-09, mostly presenting science topics for a general audience, and my three-part series on iGEM 2008 was featured on the competition’s home page. Writing for Bostonist also gave me the opportunity to interview science popularizers such as Neil deGrasse Tyson (American Museum of Natural History; author of The Pluto Files among others), and Oliver Morton (former features editor of Nature, author of Eating the Sun).

Although I am just starting to build my reputation as a science writer, this actually connects beautifully with one of the main themes of the book: that of synthetic biology being a “democratizing” science. When there are so many unexplored avenues that students and amateurs can be key participants, it almost makes sense that an inexperienced writer would be well placed to chronicle the activity.

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